Shoulder Brace: Stand Tall & Comfortable


Developed in conjunction with the London Spine Clinic. Lightweight and discreet, the revolutionary Posture Brace with soft-spine feel, pulls the shoulders back and straightens the spine to instantly improve your posture.

- Stand Tall and Confident: No more slouching & improved posture

- Unisex Posture Corrector: Lightweight, breathable material, discreet

- All Day Comfort: Comfortable under clothing and against the skin

- Easy to Wear & Adjust: Pulls the shoulders back & straightens spine

- Gentle, Yet Firm: Gentle correction & 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Our award winning Shoulder Brace has been developed in conjunction with the London Spine Clinic, Harley Street. Specifically designed for your upper and middle back, the Shoulder Brace helps to improve posture, prevent slouching and relieve pain.  For both Men and Women.

Once fitted, you will instantly feel the elasticated straps pull your shoulders into the correct posture position, straightening your spine. The low profile back section (spine) of the brace will then help support your back in this position.

Used as a training device for a few hours a day over a couple of weeks, you will begin to see a improvement in your posture. As your body becomes accustomed to your new, natural, correct posture you will no doubt feel taller, more confident and healthier. Over time you will find that you will retain this posture and experience less pain, even when you are not wearing the brace.

The material used for the Shoulder Brace is not only breathable, lightweight and comfortable, but most importantly, it is very discreet. The designers have used the perfect color tones of light greys and blues so that the brace is unnoticeable and cannot be seen through items of clothing when being worn directly on the skin.

Sizing Information

It is important to fit the shoulder brace correctly, in order to obtain the right tension and posture. Please watch our Video example on how to fit and wear the Shoulder Brace and follow the illustrated fitting instructions contained in the box.

Small / Medium: 

Chest Approx up to 28-35 inches (73cm - 91cm)
Chest Approx up to 36 - 48 inches (92cm - 121cm)
Please note that due to the positioning of the scar this product may be uncomfortable for those with fitted with a pacemaker. Extender Strap comes with the brace and attaches to the velcro that goes across theribcage / stomacharea.


Learn about the Shoulder Brace

Award Winning Design


  Our Shoulder Brace is a winner of the

           2014 DA&D Design Awards.

Shoulder Brace Benefits

shoulder brace design

Designed with the London Spine Clinic - Harley Street

Our shoulder brace has been designed with considerable input from The London Spine Clinic on Harley Street, London. The London Spine Clinic is the #1 Private Clinic in the U.K. specializing with back pain with a private client list.

Treating in excess of 10,000 patients a year, it is their expertise that has helped ensure that the shoulder brace helps correct posture and provides support to the key muscle groups.

Our products are all stocked here in the United States and ship directly from one of our U.S. Warehouses.


How to wear and benefits of Shoulder Brace

Sizing Information

Small - Medium:
Chest Approx up to 28-35 inches (73cm - 91cm)

Chest Approx up to 36-48 inches (92cm - 121cm)

Designed for both Men and Women

Extender Strap comes with the brace and attaches to the Velcro 
that goes across the ribcage / stomach area.

Please note that due to the positioning of the scar, this product
may be uncomfortable for those fitted with a pacemaker.


Fitting Instructions

It is important to fit the Posture Brace correctly, in order to obtain the right tension. Please watch our video on how to fit and wear the Posture Brace. 

Does your Shoulder Brace seem too small? Learn how you can easily create a better fit with the video explained below. 

We recommend wearing the Shoulder Brace for a few hours a day to help gradually improve your posture and relieve pain.
Our Shoulder Brace sizes are based on your chest measurement. Please measure yourself and choose your size based on our size guide.
We do not recommend that you wear the Shoulder Brace while you sleep.
In the box you will find the Shoulder Brace and extender strap plus instructions to help you fit and wear the brace correctly.
We currently have 2 sizes available; Small-Medium and Large, both come with an extender strap.
We recommend washing the Shoulder Brace by hand with a warm damp cloth. The hypoallergenic, antimicrobial fabric used in the brace keep it feeling and smelling fresh over long period of use.
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