Our Strategic Alliances


London Spine Clinic

Established in 1997, The London Spine Clinic is a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence for all spinal care. Bringing together all the advantages of different specialties in order to provide holistic treatment for patients, the clinic is very much directed to provide the least invasive treatment for spinal problems.

At The London Spine Clinic, they appreciate that no two back problems are identical, but many can be treated in an appropriate and safe way by understanding the likely cause and the treatment options. A simple diagnostic tool was developed with Handsome that divides the back into five zones and describes the key symptoms for each area, allowing customers to identify the root of their pain and select the most appropriate bac< product to alleviate it. 


With a track record of creating world-first innovation solutions that stretches over 30 years, Seymourpowell is one of the world's leading Design & Innovation Consultancies. 

They discovered that many back treatments out there didn't function as well as they should have, or were so awkward-looking that people felt uncomfortable using them. They realized that they had to demystify back pain, while making treatment more approachable and effective at the same time. 

Abandoning an orthopedic look for a more high-end sports identity, they set about to create a range of quality-assured medical products that people feel good about wearing and the bac< range of products were born. 

Ziggurat Brands

Award-winning brand specialists and packaging design agency, Ziggurat, have been working with some of the world's leading brands for over 25 years. They understand that all successful brands have at their heart a distinctive idea or story, something that they use to drive the creative across all media. 

Ziggurat worked with Handsome Ltd and The London Spine Clinic to create the bac< brand as well as the packaging design to appeal as both medically credible and aesthetically desirable.