Exercises: Lateral Lower Back (Zone 5)

Here at Backpainhelp.com we have developed a range of products to help relieve your back pain. In addition to these products, we have also produced a range of simple, light exercises to help relieve your pain further and to improve your overall back health.

For lateral lower back, hip and buttock pain, including sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, we recommend our Sacroiliac Belt. The belt can be worn often; however we do advise that regular breaks are taken. When worn, the belt support and compresses your joints to reduce movement, relieving pain.

Inbetween periods of wearing the Sacroiliac Belt, we also recommend that you complete some simple, light exercises to help further reduce your pain and improve your back health.*

Check out some of our exercises below to help you get started:

*If you're unsure about using our Sacroiliac Belt or partaking in any exercises, please seek professional advice first.