4 Top Tips To Prevent Your Child From Getting Tech Neck!

Studies have shown that kids today can spend up to 6 hours per day on their phones!

Check out these top tips to prevent Tech Neck and safeguard your children today

We’re sure as parents, you’re all too aware that your kids can be glued to their phones and tablets for what seems like 24/7!  Whilst they may be playing Angry Birds or snapchatting their friends 24 hours a day.

What people don’t realize is the strain and damage this can cause to their health! Health experts have reported that there have been rises in recent years of 60% in the number of 16-34-year-olds who now suffer from neck and back pain, as a result of their sedentary lifestyle and use of technology, also known as ‘Tech Neck’.

The evidence is now clear, that too much technology use is damaging our health, so the question is, what can we do to safeguard our children’s health from this epidemic?

Well stopping them from using technology is not necessarily the answer, but what we can do is optimise the way our children work and play to protect their health!

Here at BackPainHelp, we have pulled together 4 top tips, to help protect our kids from getting Tech Neck!


Step 1: Adjust your monitor!

Possibly the most important action you can do to help protect against tech neck is to adjust your monitor to ensure that the screen is at eye level, reducing the angle and stress which the head is putting on the spine.

We offer a fantastic product called the Posture Stand which has been designed alongside the experts at Harley Streets  London Spine Clinic to help provide an adjustable and versatile stand which means that your kids can work in the optimum, safe position whether they’re doing their homework, researching online or simply watching youtube videos on their Ipad.

Step 2: Exercise!

Obviously, the best way to reduce body stress and improve a sedentary lifestyle is to move!

Here at BackPainHelp, we have created lots of great exercises to improve posture, reduce back pain and improve overall health. You can check them out HERE

Step 3: Stay Hydrated!

Simply put, most people are unaware that the spines discs are mostly made up of water. When the body is dehydrated and/or not getting enough water, this can increase your chances of pain, discomfort, reduced mobility and increased chances of injury!

To fight this, it’s recommended you drink 8 glasses of water per day! Give it a try, you’ll feel great for it!

Step 4: Make sure you’re seated correctly!

If your kids are watching tv on the couch, or are sitting at the table doing their homework, naturally they are inclined to slump, and ultimately have a hunched back if not told otherwise! 

To improve your child's seated posture, check out the Backboard. The purpose of the product is to reduce the stresses and strains that can occur from poor posture. Its flexible construction allows it to be bent into any position, meaning it can be specifically tailored to fit the curvature of your spine.