Get Back into being active!
Staying Active is an important part of being healthy but sometimes it is hard when you are in pain to keep the activity in your life on the move. Here at Bac<, we have three great products that we recommend using when trying to recover from an injury.

What type of Activities can the Shoulder brace be used for? Walking, Biking, Yoga, Rugby, Golf, Motorcycling and much more. Used for a few hours at a time in different segments of the day.

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Shoulder Brace
Extra Support for Biking & Motorcycling
Geoff, a financial director, contacted us after suffering with middle back pain when on long motorcycle rides. For years Geoff had suffered with post ride pain in his back. In 2014 he decided to commence his own “world tour”, and in preparation for this he wanted a support which would prevent his pain from reoccurring and impacting on this trip of a lifetime. “The shoulder brace is perfect. I can honestly say that since I started using it I would not consider riding my bike without it. The brace gives you that gentle support required, to ensure that even when tired you maintain the correct posture, preventing your muscles from tiring and joints becoming strained. My shoulder brace is now an essential part of my riding gear and I would recommend it to all motorcyclists who suffer with back pain similar to me”. Geoff also sent us some tips on how to on how to prevent pain while riding which you can read more about in our blog here

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Additional Products for Active Support

Back Brace with Cool Pads
Our Back brace has been designed to relieve lower back pain by helping to support those important core muscles in your central lower back. The semi-ridged thermo-formed back section provides the support. The brace is lightweight and comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to the tension you prefer. It also comes with two re-usable cool pads, which help to reduce any inflammation or swelling. Used for 3 to 4 hours a day, over a couple of weeks, you will begin to see a positive change and relief in your central lower back and core using the Back Brace.

If you hurt your back from carrying heavy equipment such as a golf bag, gym bag or even lifting weights at the gym, we recommend trying out Back Brace.

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Sacroiliac Belt

Our Sacroiliac belt has been designed to help your hips regain their natural movement. It works by compressing and supporting the hip or sacroiliac joints. This reduces sacroiliac pain by supporting the joints and prevents excessive movement. The belt is lightweight and easy to use. It's made from hygienic anti-microbial breathable material so it can be worn under or over clothing.

We want you to heal faster so you can get back to enjoying your walks, jogs, or even hikes. Try our Sacroiliac Belt today with our 30 day money back guarantee!

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